POA Board Member Weighs in on Member’s Motion

By now most of you have received your letter from the Diamondhead POA announcing three (3) propositions to be voted on at the June 20 annual meeting.  The first two (2) propositions submitted by John Yarbrough are (1) to allow absentee ballots as an alternative to proxy voting and (2) establish additional decorum observers at the polls.  These are a good thing in that proxies are confusing and cumbersome, and we have had instances of improper activity at the polls.   Proposition 3 was submitted by Margaret Dutton and endorsed by a group calling itself “Alliance For A Better Community.”   Some of the people associated with this group along with Dutton are P.J. Mullin, Louis Fuchs, Pat Fuchs, Bailey Hambrick, Molly Kooney, C.J. Longanecker, Gary Longanecker, Pete Kolf, Leo Marino, Jerry Weber, Elena Weber, and Virginia Simons to name a few.

Don Crosby

Don Crosby, member of the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association board of directors

This proposition essentially reduces the POA board to 7 members eliminating the ex-officio and 3 director positions, and reduces all terms to two years.  I am not certain this group’s motivation, but this proposal is not only stupid, it is beyond stupid.  If implemented the board would (1) be unable to assure the continuity required to develop and carry out sound long term planning (2) would lose the benefit of all corporate knowledge and experience every two years (3) would result in the loss of continuity to competently direct our $ 8,000,000/year corporation and (4) start from scratch every two years in becoming proficient with the bylaws, rules and regulations, and POA operations.

With Diamondhead’s wide range of demographics, activities, and amenities, a smaller board would be less likely to represent those diverse interests.  Additionally, a smaller board would be more susceptible to undue influence of special interests.  Requiring special elections for board vacancies of unexpired terms as short as seven (7)months is not cost effective, nor does appointment of a director for a term as short as six months make any sense. Most new board members require that much time or more just to acquire reasonable knowledge of bylaws.

If you are voting in person at the annual meeting or by directed proxy vote for proposition 1 and 2 and against proposition 3.  If you prefer to vote general proxy I would be willing to submit your proxy.  Just fill out your member name and number at the top and sign and date on the bottom and send to me or drop it by at 7518 Cherry Hill Drive.  But whatever you do submit a vote.  Proposition 3 is truly a bad thing for the people of Diamondhead.

Don Crosby


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  1. If research and corporate experience bore out Mr. Crosby’s opinions, I never would have proposed Proposition 3 in the first place. For the actual facts about the proposition, see “Rid the POA of Oversized Power” on the front page.

    Calling something “beyond stupid” and questioning the motives of people who support it is simply a smear tactic. Moreover, Mr. Crosby’s claims about the effects of Proposition 3 are empty arguments with no basis in verifiable fact.

    The people he tries to malign are property owners and members in good standing of the POA to whom, as a director, he has a fiduciary duty along with an ethical duty to conduct himself “with consideration, respect, and professionalism” toward all. He has violated both duties through his conduct on multiple occasions.

    Director disloyalty, unprofessional-ism, disrespect, and lack of consideration are some of the precise qualities for which property owners should be able to remove directors easily via frequent elections. As one who regularly exhibits all those qualities, Mr. Crosby has made himself the poster child for why the membership should approve Proposition 3.

  2. squaredeal1 | June 7, 2015 at 6:50 pm |

    Mr Crosby talks and comes across much like the rest of the POA board..liars, abusers of females, and crooks..reminds me of a bunch of New Orleans thugs.

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