POA Member Comments on Golf, Country Club Loses

Is the answer to Diamondhead's mounting loses Bocce? It does take balls.

LTTEI joined the ABC because of its opposition to the actions of the present board starting with Mr. Kyger’s behavior toward Ms. Walker.

I am in no way interested in doing away with the amenities as we have been accused of by Mr. Crosby but I am extremely concerned about the tremendous amount of money being spent on the golf courses, football fields, east rec. and tennis etc.

At the latest meeting another – in my opinion –  hair brain plan was introduced.  It was called “Lawn Event” –  the ground next to the Emerald Ballroom would have a retaining wall placed on the perimeter – dirt would be brought in and the area sodded.  It would be used for alfresco dining, croquet or bocce ball or chairs brought out for weddings.  An extension to the 19th Hole patio would be built for extra tables and chairs.  The entrance to the Club close to the Emerald Ballroom would be redone – the reason used by Mr.  Harvey was he thought it looked like the entrance to a parking garage.  A prior expenditure by the board at east rec was explained after much discussion by Ms Johnson that they were going to spend $100,000 to exchange play ground equipment because the new equipment would match the part of the equipment put in a few years ago by a grant.

The auditor last night said in his report that the club operated at a $1,500,000 loss last year which was subsidized by member dues.  It appeared that the largest chunk was loss from golf and the country club.

This board pays absolutely no attention to the membership when they voice concern about this extravagant spending spree.  If the covenants indeed are in jeopardy of expiring in the not too distant future it is my opinion that spending should be curtailed at least at the level it is now and the amenities should be maintained but not indulged.  We certainly should not be adding things like alfresco dining when we are loosing money on the dining we have now.

I feel that a smaller board would be much more efficient and because of the smaller number much more answerably to the membership hence our reason for taking part in this effort.  The lies being told by Mr. Crosby about the only thing the ABC wants to achieve is trashing the amenities and doing away with dues is certainly not what I know to be their goal.

This is a POA board of directors with a fiduciary responsibility to the membership not a group of elitist who appear to be frightened of loosing control of their playground.  They behave like a tax and spend board.

Pat Fuchs

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