About Us

An independent publication for the community of Diamondhead

An independent publication for the community of Diamondhead

The Diamondhead News Online began publication on the world wide web in 1998 in response to the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association’s blatant attempt to control and stifle vital information concerning the south Mississippi community of Diamondhead.

It is not in anyway associated with any governmental entity, public or private.  As such, it relinquishes no control to any council nor board of directors and will not be hampered in the pursuit of exposing waste, corruption, chicanery, deceit and injustice.

The Diamondhead News Online is an independent publication produced solely by the Bay Jourdan Publishing Company for the community of Diamondhead, Mississippi.

We invite all to contribute to the publication by submitting articles and opinions on topics pertinent to Diamondhead, Mississippi.

To submit article directly contact: News@Diamondheadnews.com or call 228.255.8214

To submit letters to the editor email: editor@diamondheadnews.com

You can also comment on a wide variety of topics at the only uncensored forum in Diamondhead by going to the Diamondhead News Online Open Forum

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