Settlement Reached in Country Club Audit Case

Attorney William Kulick, representing Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association Treasurer Mike Schaefer (deceased) and Vice President Jerry Weber, announced that a settlement has been reached in the Chancery Court case involving the attempt to audit operations at the Diamondhead Country Club.

The case, which was filed originally as a declaratory judgement by three officers of the DCC&POA, John Fletcher , Jerry Weber and Mike Schaefer,  when four board members, Pau Montjoy, Craig Harvey, Don Crosby and Marshall Kyger intervened as a forensic audit was being conducted after then Treasurer Schaefer was made aware of extraordinary losses and peculiar disbursement being made at the Diamondhead Country Club.

Fletcher withdrew from the case for unknown reasons.

As part of the settlement, Jerry Weber has tendered his resignation as Vice President of the Mississippi Non Profit corporation*.

Read the settlement here

Parties Agree to Settle Audit Case


* Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association does not qualify as a non profit corporation under the laws or regulations of the United States  government.

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  1. squaredeal1 | April 22, 2016 at 6:08 pm |

    Is anyone surprised at the outcome of this Charade?..Not me, I actually stated it would be “thrown out”, :”settled”, whatever one wants to say about it..I sincerely hope people can see the poa members with clear eyes now..why be afraid of an audit if you have nothing to hide?

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