Sound Business Practices – Background Checks for Board Candidates


The Diamondhead community is losing two of the most intelligent people I have known here at Diamondhead, Ms. Pat and Mr. Lou Fuchs.  The interest they have taken in Diamondhead has had no motive other than improving the governing system that we have to manage the POA.  When they leave, we will still be left with small minded people such as our board member, Don Crosby, who’s only demonstrated mental capability is to label people with whom he disagrees with names such as malcontents’, stupid or be on stupid, and call them scary.  He has taken this right and task upon himself to label people with names with whom he has had no contact, no ideal of their education, or knowledge of their work history or their management capabilities or skills.  Don Crosby is a very good example and of the non-capable person who cares less about the wishes of the community members that we have chosen to elect in recentDo-The-Right-Thing_compressed years to manage our community.  He is the poster boy for the type of individual who should never have been a board member.  Don Crosby’s belligerent attitude toward community members and lack of ability to manage is why we have proposition 3 to vote on in this coming election.

We have been electing these people as board members by taking their resumes as truthful.  This probably is why we have ended up with so many people on the board who have demonstrated a complete lack of any ability to manage a property business such as Diamondhead.  Having property management back ground should be a requirement to hold office.  Also through a third party, a background check and credit check should be made on anyone running for office along with reference checks.  This is what a well-run business does when hiring a new employee, and we should require no less in hiring our non-profit company Officers and Board Members.

About the Author

Gary Longanecker

Gary Longanecker is a retired Naval Officer after 22 years of Naval service. He served as the Commanding Officer, Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center, Fresno, California. In 1971, he drafted the original document that was used to reorganize the Naval Surface Reserve into the force that augments the Regular Navy today. During this assignment his main job was to manage nationally twelve Naval Reserve personnel training programs that consisted of 33,000 personnel and developed these program’s training requirements. In the mid-1970s, He served as Commanding Officer, Naval Facility, Grand Turk, BWI. This facility’s mission is classified. In the early 1980’s, He served as the Director of Man Power for the Eleventh Naval District located in San Diego, California. The Eleventh Naval District area of responsibility covers the Southern half of California and the states of Arizona and Nevada. While in that position, Gary had the honor to lead the number one rated Naval Recruiting organization in the nation. During that assignment he changed and improved the national policy of how new recruits are assigned their Naval billets. He was specifically chosen by the Secretary of the Navy’s’ office to redesign the methods and put in place the procedures to recall Naval Reservists and Naval Retired Personnel to active duty in time peril which required rapid movement of personnel.
His civilian employment involved aviation and real estate. He was the Senior Executive Vice President for Sizeler Property Investors, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that traded on the New York Stock Exchange. He held the positions as Director of Human Resources and Director of Risk Management.