Special Election for Ward 2 Councilman

Diamondhead will hold a special election for Ward 2 councilman when Blaine Lafontaine, the current officeholder, steps down to prepare for his new Board of Supervisors post.

Measures now being pursued by the city include acquisition of the Water & Sewer District’s service area, facilities, assets and infrastructure; seeking a grant to construct a roundabout on Aloha Drive; and, with MDOT, developing alternatives to the I-10 Diamondhead exit.

The city has been heavily criticized at times for its frequent resort to executive (closed) sessions for discussing the public’s business.  While there are undoubtedly legal and necessary times for it, this would be a good time for Diamondhead to elect someone who is committed to openly informing, explaining, and being answerable for decisions, actions and policies.

Ward 2 boundaries can be seen on this map at the city’s website:  http://www.diamondhead.ms.gov/Documents/Election_Districts_and_Polling_Places_120712.pdf




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