The Closure of Kapalama Bridge

Owners of businesses located as what has become known as the “Back of Diamondhead” in an area outside the city boundaries have learned of a plan to temporarily close a bridge that connects them to the vast majority of their customers.  Kapalama Drive is  a two lane road that provides access to the community of Diamondhead and traffic to area businesses. If the bridge is closed with no alternate route,  the economic impact on those businesses will be devastating.

A petition has been created asking county officials to find a workable solution to closing the bridge on Kapalama Drive with an alternate route, without having to detour away from Kapalama Drive and adding to the congestion of traffic at exit 16.

Closing of Kapalama Bridge

I urge our Hancock County Board of Supervisors to take into account the businesses, emergency personnel, and families that will be affected by closing down Kapalama Drive with no temporary/alternate route that mimics the existing roadway.


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