The “Diamondhead Collective” Has Emerged

"We are the Diamondhead Elite! Golf and Karaoke are entitlements! Resistance is futile! We will assimilate!

A group of former city and POA officials along with at least one current POA board member has taken to calling themselves the “Diamondhead Collective”. The choice of the name (see Borg)  indicates an  obvious lack of knowledge concerning modern culture dating from the sixties has demonstrated conclusively that members of the group has either never owed a television or have been brain dead for the last 30 years, thus disqualifying them to hold any office other than junior high school class clowns.

They have a penchant for shooting all messengers and will avoid debate at any cost.   Strong is there belief in entitlements for golfers, karaoke,  all at members expense and creating totally unnecessary city governments and thus bailing out their friends from bad religious property investments byway of lies, broken promises and ridiculous taxes,

They are united in their jealously of surrounding areas, calling them “dumps” while property values in Diamondhead languish at the bottom of the county.


Members of the Diamondhead Collective include:

About the Author

T. R. Alfonso
Editor and Publisher of the the Diamondhead News Online
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