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Editor’s note:  Reprinted from the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association’s monthly news letter.

The editor of the corporate newsletter suspended the normal restrictions for other submissions such as a 50 word limit and address and telephone publication.

We have reproduced this “letter to the editor” for purposes of reference only and make no claim its author’s pedigree or views expressed:



Three Stooges of Diamondhead

Larry, Moe and Curley Joe the three bumbling stooges from the 1950’s have nothing on Diamonddhead. The Diamondhead POA board of Directors have their own three stooges John (Fletcher), Jerry (Weber) and Michael (Schaefer). The POA president, vice president and treasurer have turned the POA board of directors into a circus.

Mr. Fletcher runs the monthly POA board meetings like an out of control town hall meeting. Mr. Fletcher goes into the audience with his microphone and does a Phil Donahue routine which ends up with a small group of malcontents railing against the POA board spending policies. Once the actual board meeting business is being conducted the same group of malcontents are cat-calling and hooting from the audience.

Mr. Fletcher has absolutely no idea how to control or run a meeting.

The vice president Mr. Weber is a member and the board “source” for the Alliance for a Better Commuunity (ABC) group. This group has no use for the POA amenities and whose charter is to shut down the golf courses and country club and other amenities and pay no dues.

Mr. Weber recently used his posiition of influence on the POA board to garner private sensitive payroll data for a newly hired employee in the country club. Mr. Weber then provided this private payroll data to individuals who posted the data on the internet to support their agenda against POA spending. This is not the first breach of trust exhibited by Mr. Weber. Financial data provided only to the board has routinely been posted on the Diamondhead Online News blog before it is made public in the monthly Diamondhead News publication. Mr. Weber also used his influence as a board member to coerce the former POA greens keeper to construct a drainage ditch to divert water from Mr. Weber’s house on the pine golf course. Mr. Weber obviously has no regard for the bylaws which he is obligated to uphold as an officer on the POA board or an individual’s right to privacy.

Mr. Schaefer in his time on the water and sewer board cost the citizens of Diamondhead hundreds of thouusands of dollars in the infamous $3.5 million office project before it was shut down and Mr. Schaefer’s abrupt resignation. Now Mr. Schaefer along with Mr. Weber and Fletcher are again costing the citizens of Diamondhead thousands of dollars in legal fees with a frivolous legal action against the other eight members of the board of directors. Four members of the board of direcctors blocked a “forensic” audit at the country club, contracted by Mr. Schaefer on his own

volition withhout board knowledge or approval. Subsequently, Mr. Schaefer, Weber and Fletcher filed for an injunction for the court to determine whether or not Mr. Schaefer in his position as Treasurer has the right to contract on his own without approval of the whole board.  All this legal expense and maneuvering could have been avoided if Mr. Schaefer would have simply discussed the country club expenses with the general manager and country manager, yet he and the vice president and president chose to sue the other eight members of the board. Prior to this Mr. Schaefer also contracted and charged the POA without board knowledge for a lawyer not approved or authorized by the POA board to provide a legal opinion to support Mr. Schaefer’s personal agenda against Purcell voting rights in the June 2015 election. The good news is there is only eight months left to vote these stooges out. The bad news is Mr. Fletcher will still have two years as the exofficio. Nuck! Nuck! Nuck!

James Bulger


About the Author

T. R. Alfonso
Editor and Publisher of the the Diamondhead News Online

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  1. We don’t know if it’s the same person, but there is a Jim Bulger in the membership list of the Diamondhead Men’s Golf Association, available online. Some members of this group get very upset when golf and country club expenditures are criticized and start screeching that ABC, Weber, Schaefer, etc. are trying to kill the amenities.

    But if you add the operating expenditures in this year’s POA budget for the golf academy, golf course maintenance and country club, they account for 48% of all POA budgeted expenditures. That doesn’t even count actual expenditures which we know have gone sky high for much of the year in the country club, nor does it include administration or capital expenditures.

    A very large number of elected officials at Diamondhead come from this group – four of five city councilmen and three of eleven POA directors (the most vocal and angriest). Naturally, among these 148 men’s golf members are some who place a much higher value on the courses and club than the rest of the community, and are willing to spend our money extravagantly on them.

    Some cannot seem to be rational about the subject, but this is exactly the time we need a rational conversation and search by all people of sense for a plan that will maintain the beauty, green space, golf availability, and widespread usefulness of the club for all of the community without this absurd level of resource consumption, and without EVER asking what the community wants. How can we have nice things in our community when so much of its resources are getting vacuumed up by two amenities that are providing much benefit to a few but little to everyone else?

    We need many more leaders from outside this single interest group. If you know of anyone interested in serving on the board, please let ABC know by emailing

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your comments. A city should serve the majority of the residents, not the special interest groups. I am a golfer and can’t afford to play at my home course. You are correct, it is time for a big change with fair equitable treatment for the majority of us paying taxes and POA fees. Please, someone qualified, come forward and help salvage life for the majority of Diamondhead citizens. If things continue as they are, I for one will not stay in Diamondhead.

    Sincerely Frustrated

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