Why Do I Care So Much About Diamondhead?

Why on earth do I care so much about the unnecessary corruption and waste; the apparent lack of moral and ethical propriety of the present POA Board of Officers and Directors? Why does it matter to me that some of those serving on the POA Board are there only to serve their own unethical interests and refuse any fiduciary responsibility to the membership who elected them? Why do I care that that the present Board members seem to have no interest in what is best for the community except for their own unethical, self serving goals. Why do I care that so many on the Board seem to have obvious “conflicts of interest” that enrich only their own personal lives?

Do you care that the POA Board refused to allow the Treasurer to act on his fiduciary responsibility to the membership without the cost of lawyers. The POA forced the Treasurer to hire a lawyer to have the Court define the Treasurer’s responsibility to have an audit that may have stopped the outrageous losses sustained by the Country Club without going to Court? Now the POA Board wants Michael Schaefer’s estate and widow to pay for the membership’s “right to know” in an “audit that didn’t happen.” Whatever created those enormous losses in POA management of the Country Club in 2015, a forensic audit would surely have shown how, where and why. The reaction of the Board to keep the results of a forensic audit from the membership, certainly tells the whole rotten story.

My concern about the direction the POA Board has taken this in community, does nothing to make our lives better. We don’t golf, play tennis, or swim in the icy-cold water of the swimming pools. We have no boats for the marina, and no planes for the airport. Our children are grown and live far away so playgrounds, football, soccer and baseball fields are not something for which we have a need. I have no complaint that all the amenities of Diamondhead exist for those who do enjoy them.

We pay our dues and “value added property tax” on the amenities without complaint. However, there is no library, no adult education classes, no art classes in the Community Center, no craft show in the Fall, no place with a view to enjoy lunch or dinner with family and friends. The Country Club has no personality or view any more. The Yacht Club, our only amenity with a beautiful view, is leased out as a hang-out for a “bar” crowd. It makes NO profit and when it fell into disrepair, in less than 11 years of existence, for lack of proper maintenance and insurance, it is the Property Owners who pay again for the POA Board’s incompetence.

So, why do I care? I was taught, and I believe that when you see something evil and corrupt, you have an obligation to speak out. Diamondhead has been my home for half my adult life and it is worth fighting those who want only to destroy it with their greed.

About the Author

C J Longanecker
Former Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association Secretary, Member for 43 years)
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