Why Fight an Audit?


With outrageous losses sustained by Diamondhead’s Country Club, rumored to be nearing the $400,000 for 2015, why is the POA Board of Directors so vehemently fighting the forensic audit ordered by the Treasurer?

Letter-to-the-editor-copy1-441x251Why would the Board object to an audit that could improve the management of the Country Club?

Why has the Board of Directors hired an additional manager for the Country Club without first finding out the reason for this huge loss already sustained by the club this year? Isn’t that just throwing good money after bad?

Isn’t the POA Board of Directors failing their fiduciary responsibility to the membership by fighting this forensic audit? What are they trying to hide from the membership, who pays the property taxes and the dues to maintain all the amenities including the Country Club?

The membership demands and deserves answers to these questions and not responses that are not based on fact which a forensic audit will provide.


C.J. Longanecker, (member since 1972)

Do you believe the Diamondhead Country and Property Owners treasurer has the right to hire a forensic auditor without the approval of the DHCC&POA board of directors ?

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1 Comment on "Why Fight an Audit?"

  1. It is quite obvious that the audit may reveal the “REAL ISSUES” that the few may not want anyone to know. Perhaps we should get the tar boiling and have a big bag of feathers ready!

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