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We need new leadership

► The city budgets about $400,000 – 500,000 annually for street paving. Diamondhead Drive East will cost around $2,000,000. How will we pay for it — all funds to DDE paving for 4 years or other options? ► The city…

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City Structure and Responsibility

Diamondhead’s five councilmen and mayor, by law, may not manage the city. They are forbidden to hire or fire most of its employees, prepare its annual budget, carry out its laws, negotiate its contracts, or supervise and control its department heads….

Correcting the “Queen of Denial”

Editor’s Note On the Facebook Page known as the “Residents of Diamondhead” (a heavily censored and retricted venue that claims to represent the area’s interest)  a certain post asserted some remarkable comments concerning the recent Mississippi Appeal Court ruling. What…