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On behalf of the entire staff at Whisper, we appreciate your comments and interest regarding our service. Further, we apologize to all who have experienced any difficulty in contacting us. The roll out and request for service, not only in Hancock County, has kept us very busy.

Rest assured, we want to begin service in your area sooner than you want us there. We are in the process of completing the main feed to Diamondhead. Upon doing so, we will begin roll out to the community. Before formally offering the service to you, we want to make certain any potential wrinkles have been ironed out. We realize we announced service in your area will be available soon. As far as an immediate and definitive start date, we will let EVERYONE know when it arrives. We will not compromise quality of technology for expedience. We hope you understand and respect that, and believe we all we happier for it.

We will use this forum to address technical questions and concerns, but feel free to continue to call our office or use the website, Please direct all requests for service to ESI. ESI will also fulfill installation. We will provide technical support.

I will monitor this forum and keep you abreast of developments as I am able. Again, we thank you for your interest, and look forward to having you as a part of the Whisper Network.


Finley Hewes, Jr.
VP Whisper Network