Reply To: Diamondhead Property Values



kygerites, bullies in control of the poa and incorporators–they are one in the same.

No matter what misinformation and complete bull sh**it Lloyd Ramirez wrote in his loooong letter in the sea coast echo; the major pro-incorporation people were the "leaders" of the poa. The people who control the poa, the kygerites and the pro-incorporation types are all dh golfers living in the past. They’re willing to fight and even ruin this city and our property values all for a cheap country club and a cheap round of golf. Nobody wants to move to a city known for a corrupt self-serving poa and extortion of high dues for nothing. Watch as property values continue to drop and people move to Kiln to get a taste of freedom.

I don’t even buy this recent "for the kids" stuff the poa is trying to sell in building stuff at tennis world and ball fields. Bull sh*ite attempt to make them look fair. If things were fair Mark Boyd and Kyger wouldn’t insist on all these no bid contracts. If things were fair more would be disclosed about covenant expiration and the strong poa push to use lawyers our dues pay for to extend the covenants to collect higher and higher dues forever. If things were fair any and all connections of Eli Biggers, Purcell, Kyger, Lake Arrowhead and HMS golf of Atlanta would be out in the open and published in the poa newspaper.