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Whisper Network has developed technology to circumvent the problems inherent with other system topologies such as satellite. Due to the overwhelming response for its services, Whisper Network has formed a strategic alliance with Exact Solutions International of Diamondhead, MS. See article here:

Exact Solutions International is the exclusive agent for Whisper Network in Hancock County. All inquires from Diamondhead are directed to their office. Their personnel have extensive experience in compliance with some of the toughest preservation societies in the country and abroad concerning installation of equipment ranging from CCTV and computer networking to intrusion and fire detection. The “antenna” is actually a transceiver and is only 10 ½ inches square by 3 inches deep. It is smaller than the smallest satellite dish.

The system will go online and installations will begin after it has been fully tested and deemed operational. More information concerning ESI’s products and services can be attained by calling 255-7199 or by visiting their website at .