Harvey Threatens Counter Suit

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Craig Harvey

Embattled Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners vice president, Craig Harvey is threatening to countersue former DCC&POA president, Mario Feola in conjunction with a suit filed last week.  The suit claims that the individual board member failed to adhere to a “members only” provision in deeds to all property in the common interest community.  The suit names Harvey and nine others as defendants.

Mario Feola

The threat was made via the social media Facebook page, Residents of Diamondhead, a heavily censored site that does not allow all Diamondhead residents to participate.  Harvey claimed that during Feola’s tenure as president, “Money disappeared Like toilet paper” referring to the Diamondhead Country Club building, He made no direct correlation to the building in his accusation. Mario Feola’s tenure as president of the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association ended ten years ago in June of 2010.

The current vice president also eluded to a conspiracy between the city of Diamondhead and plaintiffs in the Feola suit “in an effort to bankrupt the POA…”

Harvey, in his prior term as vice president, was one of the board members who sued to stop a forensic audit called by then treasurer, Mike Schafer. He also was a named defendant and then-plaintiff in the ill-conceived legal action to extend mandatory dues to all members of the nonprofit corporation. That suit failed after the Mississippi Appellant Court ruled in a 0-9 decision against the attempt

Feola stated he has no comment on Craig Harvey’s threat and referred the Diamondhead News Online to his attorney, Paul Newton.

Craig Harvey’s Facebook post