Mississippi COVID-19 Update July 26, 2020

Reported Today

New cases of COVID-19: 1,207
Positive test results reported to MSDH as of 6 p.m. yesterday. Tests may have been made during the past several days, and represent individuals who became ill a week ago or more. Repeated tests for the same individual are counted only once.
New deaths reported: 15

COVID-19 related deaths reported to MSDH from hospitals, medical examiners and coroners.
Long-Term Care Facilities
Active outbreaks: 184
An outbreak is considered any COVID-19 case in the staff or residents of a long-term care facility.

State Trend

Totals of all Mississippi COVID-19 cases and deaths for 2020.

Total COVID-19 cases: 52,304
Total COVID-19 related deaths: 1,495

Hancock County

COVID-19 cases: 269
Total Hancock County COVID-19 deaths: 14


What You Can Do
Social distancing is still critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Keep plenty of distance between yourself and others.
Wearing a mask or face covering can sharply reduce the risk of passing COVID-19 on to others. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended whenever you are in public places with others around you.
Most people spreading COVID-19 do not know they are infected.
Remind others that precautions remain essential, and set an example by your actions.

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