No Advantage to Membership

I have lived in Diamondhead for only 4 years and I have heard of the problems with the POA since day 1.  Now I have seen it with my own eyes and I too, have reached my limit and am fed up with the POA.

Merriam-Webster defines a CLUB as an association of persons participating in a plan by which they agree to make regular payments or purchases in order to secure some ADVANTAGE.  As I studied the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association 2020 Fee Schedule, I do not see the advantage to the property owners.  The annual fee for a POA Member Family Golf membership is $2640.00 and a Non-POA Member is $3180.00.  At first glance, you think that this is a bargain but let us look at it a bit closer.  A POA Member is assessed $57.00 per month on top of that.  Now you add $684.00 to that $2640.00 and you have a yearly total of $3324.00.  It cost the POA Member more to golf in our own CLUB than it does for an outsider.

Secondly, I was looking at the Covenant Expiration Plan 2020.  This plan states possible members expiring 905.  This is not POSSIBLE, it is happening.  The first POA membership has expired!  They are no longer members.  Folks, you are either a member or not!  So, the next line stating Members Voluntarily paying dues is estimated at 30%.  Since when, did we open our POA to VOLUNTARY members.  There is no legal standing for a voluntary member.  If your POA expires, you either vote in a new POA or you are now excluded from membership.  You will now pay non-member rates at the CLUB.  When I bought my home, I was told that my participation in the POA was mandatory and that I am not able to withdraw my membership.  You cannot have it both ways.  Do you think that you are setting a precedent that non-members can now become voluntary members?  Does this mean that if I live in Waveland or Kiln that I can now join the Diamondhead POA?  The POA board should reconsider this as I would love the opportunity to define this in trial and have it ruled by the courts.  This Board had better not try to change the language to include voluntary members without asking the residents their opinion on that or mark my words, we will go to court.  As of June 17, Phase I POA expired and those residents are now NON-MEMBERS and should pay the full cost of joining our club.

Covenant Expiration Plan 2020

Possible Number of Members Expiring 905

Members Voluntarily Paying Dues 30% 272 – Estimated

Lost Dues Revenue-Estimated $201,453 (128 Members)

Plan-Reduce Expenditures and Capital Improvements

No Further Action Required Note: Plan must be in place and active to pursue non-dues paying members.

The plan is to HOPE that NON-members will voluntarily pay dues to a club that they no longer belong to, to “reduce expenditures” of a non-profit POA, that is not supposed to be making a profit and “reduce capital improvements”  .  I personally have not seen or heard of any capital improvements that were planned.  So, the Board feels that no further action is required and all we are going to do is go after the delinquent members for their dues.  This is something that they should have been doing all along.

Let us move on the 2021 plan!


Covenant Expiration Plan 2021

  • Possible Number of Members Expiring or Expired 2385
  • Members Voluntarily Paying Dues 30% or 716 – Estimated
  • Lost Dues Revenue-Estimated $532,311 (1669 Members)
  • Plan-Implement Cafeteria Plan to Subsidize Dues Lost
  • And/Or
  • Close or Transfer Unprofitable Amenities

Again, the Board is counting on non-members paying voluntary dues.  The only plan they have is to implement a “cafeteria plan”.  I do not want to see our club turn into a cheap buffet that will have tons of food that is not bought and goes out the back door each night.  Do you all realize that the bar and dining room made a profit for the FIRST time in December 2019.   It has been open for 50 years and it just started making a profit.  “And/or, close or transfer unprofitable amenities.”    So much for any improvements to the amenities, now we are talking about doing away with them.

Is this the best that our Board could come up with?  Our largest expenditure is golf and all the equipment that it takes for upkeep. It is time to get a 5-star major, national resort and hospitality chain to lease our amenities.  They will take over the responsibility of maintenance to the amenities and the club and run it like a true business is supposed to run. Proven and successful and there would be a true profit for capital improvements like the Marina and drainage problems.  Diamondhead has so much potential to become a major mark on the map of Mississippi and have millions in revenue for our City

  • Margaret Leyer


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