Vote For Me Or Else!

Passion is always a good thing to have. It helps to accomplish a goal. However, these days passion in politics has gone overboard. Everyone has different reasons for supporting certain candidates. Most of the time it is because their candidate of choice has stated something that is important to the supporting constituent. Common sense seems lost in the wind with this concept today.

People seem to think their choice or opinion ranks higher than the next person’s. People have even gone as far as verbally assaulting. belittling or threatening violence over difference of political opinion. Why is this okay? How does someone feel so strongly compelled in their own opinion they logically justify launching a verbal attack on a stranger.

This appears to be in line with one of our own local Mayoral candidates. While Nancy Depreo has not directly attacked opposing supporters, her family has not fallen short in this department. They can be found on social media calling other people losers and saying they feel sorry for them while claiming that their bank account is somehow relevant to this Mayoral Special Election. Why is someone considered a loser because they support a difference of your own opinion? Why and how does her family’s bank account come into play? Is there something we need to know that maybe we have yet to discover? Is her political affiliation somehow benefiting her family? 

These sort of actions and inappropriate behavior are common in politics today and it is another reason for constituents to start paying attention to the pattern of people that have been in office for more than one term. Maybe this is a good example of why we so desperately need term limits.  Is this a case of accusing the other side of which you are guilty? Is this a some sort of diversion of guilt, a victim card mentality that seems to work so well during election time?

Whatever the case may be, it is obviously not a good idea to launch a personal attack on constituents no matter who they support. It will certainly come with negative consequences. No-one likes being called names. Especially, potential voters that are having their intellectually capacity challenged while being reminded that their bank account is somehow defining of their status or importance within their own community.

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